Next up in the Client Lifecycle series is Reporting, the building block of communicating results to clients. This course goes into a practical guide to online advertising reporting. We will prepare your agency for producing and presenting PPC results via reports back to your clients.


What can you expect from this course?

In this course, we introduce you to reporting digital marketing results back to your clients. We’ll look into the things you need to know to build a reporting dashboard that portrays all the KPIs and other performance metrics.
What can you expect from this course?

What You'll Learn

  • Let clients visualize results through a reporting plan at hand.
  • Build a reporting dashboard for clients that will display all the relevant information about the account.
  • Schedule report sending to clients with the help of setting up tasks in your agency’s CRM system and more.
  • Program a recurring meeting to go over the client account’s PPC results.


  • Course Objectives Course Objectives
  • Marketing Reporting Basics Marketing Reporting Basics
  • Reporting Output Reporting Output
  • Creating a Marketing Dashboard Creating a Marketing Dashboard
  • Lead Generation Dashboard Sample Lead Generation Dashboard Sample
  • Reporting Recurrence Reporting Recurrence
  • Bonus Section Bonus Section
  • Course Overview Course Overview
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