Pitching Discovery Ads

The audience that Discovery ads can reach is highly valuable and new to Google Ads. Pitch Discovery campaigns to clients that can benefit from the versatility and creativity of Discovery ads and boost their brand awareness and target audience reach.

Pitching Discovery Ads

What can you expect from this course?

In this course, we’ll prepare to pitch Discovery campaigns to a client by first finding prospects, gathering information to build a presentation, going in a sales call, and transitioning into servicing Discovery campaigns.
What can you expect from this course?

What You’ll Learn

  • Identify clients in your portfolio that are eligible for a Discovery campaign pitch.
  • Map out a plan of qualifying prospects for the pitch.
  • Gather valuable information for a client to see the value in your Discovery campaign strategy.
  • Create a presentation to use as resources for the sales call.
  • Go in a call with a client to pitch them Discovery campaigns and be ready for objections.
Pitching Discovery Ads

Pitching Discovery Ads

  • Introduction Introduction
  • Identify Opportunities Identify Opportunities
  • Advantages of Discovery Advantages of Discovery
  • Pitch Expectations Pitch Expectations
  • How to Pitch Discovery Campaigns How to Pitch Discovery Campaigns
  • Servicing Discovery Servicing Discovery
  • Conclusion Conclusion
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Pitching Discovery Ads

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