Exclusive Agency Courses

Academy for Agencies adds value to your agency’s managed client services. Get access to courses that will train your sales team with more resources. Take a deep dive into the Google and Microsoft interfaces while you refresh your knowledge and iron out any questions you may have.

Explore What Our Compass Has For You

The Academy is just one of the many features and tools included within our Compass. Our Compass package includes everything your agency needs to onboard new end-advertisers seamlessly, enhance campaign performance, and boost the lifetime value of your clients.

AdInsights by WSM

Get valuable insights through automated audits and analyze the performance of your accounts along with recommendations on optimization.

Proposal Engine

Produce customized white-labeled proposals that are ready to present to your business prospects with all the industry and competitors’ data that you need.

Academy for Agencies

Empower and enable your agency’s growth with our courses that feature unparalleled digital marketing training with a focus on internal processes.

Sales Consultations

Our team of experts is just a call away to provide you with support and consultations that will increase your closing rate on leads.

Collateral Library

Guarantee an upsell success by gaining access to resources for a business pitch including decks, one-pagers, and a library of playbooks to choose from.

Academy for Agencies Exclusive Courses

Are you looking for practical courses for pay per click advertising? Gain access to a variety of courses when you sign up to the Academy.

Request a Tailored Course for Your Agency

Our Compass package offers our partners custom courses created especially for them. Let our Compass be your guide with tools, products, and sales training to help you close more deals. Learn more about how you can grow your agency.

Request a Tailored Course for your agency